Above Us Only Sky


Above us Only Sky: Call out for collaborators

Over the next couple of months I am going to host some small exhibitions in unexpected places in my house which I will be sharing online. I am looking for collaborators for the first which will be brought to you from under my dining-room table. I am very fortunate to be living in lockdown with a curator so although its an unconventional space, things will be done proper!

If you are a Polaroid/Instax photographer, I would like to invite you to send me a photograph of your view of the sky above you and in return I will send you a photograph of mine. Despite living with Covid-19 and the uncertainty it brings, the sky is a reliable constant that unities us all and is something we can all enjoy.  Contributions can be made until the end of June 2020 and then they will be curated on the underside of my table (which in turn will be photographed and shared with the world).

This project is now closed. You can view the photographs taken and submitted over on Instagram @above_us_only_skies. I was delighted that they were also included in the exhibition ‘Grangetown in Lockdown,’ at the Grangetown Pavilion.


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