I would like to get to get to know you better

I Would Like to Get to Know You Better,’ documents a journey of trust and friendship between Katie and 9 people who she had previously encountered creatively either on or offline. Using a series of 3 physical interventions, Katie invited each to collaborate with her through exploring their relationship with an object, place and space of personal value with the intention of getting to know them better.

The project which included pinhole, Polaroid and 35mm photographs was created with the support of the University of Lincoln, who through the AA2A scheme provided the facilities and equipment to make it a reality.

Katie gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution to this project made by John Shaw, Emma Georgiou, Mark Russell, Molly Boswell, Amy Jane Barnes, Julia Cameron, Fiona Swinn, Ian Longstaff and Cath Ford who gave her permission to enter their worlds.

Personal thanks also go to AA2A co-ordinator Phil Eastwood and senior photography technician Dave Overton at the University of Lincoln for their time, support and expertise.

You can find the project blog here.