Smith & Genever

Smith-Genever is the collaborative practice of visual artists Katie Smith and Kate Genever. Working predominantly in stitch we develop text based artworks which respond to experiences of working with marginalised communities. Work is often co-created and always process led. By recognising and promoting stitch as an act of creative meaning making and resistance against the chaos of life, we use sewing as a non- threatening way to create safe spaces for people to explore tricky stuff and to ‘power up.’ This approach allows a connection at deeply emotional level, which is mirrored in the resulting artworks; from banners and quilts to capes and jackets. Smith-Genever believe that art is a serious business and that alongside the creation of work that is authentic, powerful and relevant it can provide routes and opportunities for personal growth and the building of resilience.

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Photo credits: ‘We Will Not Be Still,’ Ruth Campbell Ekins. ‘Escape The Chaos,’ Electric Egg